Care Guide


At Seraph London, your jewelry is handcrafted with high quality materials from Agate semi-precious stones, nappa & aniline leather to 925 sterling silver & 24 karat gold. We want your jewelry to last as long as possible so here are some tips to care for your jewelry.


This is the most important part to keep your jewelry lasting as long as possible. If your jewelry is too small, the elastic strings (if applicable) will be in a prolonged stretched state and will wear out faster. Plus it won't feel very comfortable. It is always recommended to wear a bracelet that is slightly looser rather than tighter. To find out the best size for you, check out our Size Guide 


While our elastic bracelets are made with the highest quality stretch strings quadruple layered to add durability to the bracelet, they will loosen over time with repeated wear. Preventing it from being in a prolonged stretched state will help it last longer.


Each gemstone is unique and brings a different energy when adorned. Each gemstone is rated according to their density, but they are still prone to damage. To ensure minimal damage, avoid bumping or dropping them onto hard surfaces.


The metals we use in our jewelry range from stainless steel, titanium, plated karat gold, silver to 24k gold and 925 sterling silver. All plated pieces will have wear and fade with the biggest factors such as moisture, humidity, rubbing, and improper cleaning. To ensure it maintains the same look as from when you got it, use a very soft cloth to wipe off any moisture, debris and oil from your jewelry.


A soft cloth should be used to wipe your gemstones and metals. Do not wash your jewelry as chemicals will eat into your jewelry. It is not recommended to wear your jewelry while showering, bathing, or swimming.



We recommend storing your jewelry individually separate from other jewelry so they will not rub against each other.